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Dermatology Services for Pets

Keeping your pet's skin and coat healthy through regular veterinary exams.

Dermatology involves caring for your pet’s skin, hair, nails, and ears. Skin issues are commonly caused by parasite infections, allergies, environmental factors, and chronic conditions. Our team will work to determine the cause of your pet’s skin issue and provide treatment options to decrease the risk of future flair-ups. 

How do you diagnose skin issues? 

Typically, if your pet has skin issues, they’ll most likely have symptoms that go along with it. For example, pets with allergic reactions commonly experience extremely itchy skin. Allergic reactions can be caused by food, pollen, dust, insect bites, and parasite infections. Based on your pet’s symptoms, we’ll recommend physical examinations and diagnostic testing for an accurate diagnosis. Other common signs of skin issues include: 

  • Sores 
  • Dry, flaky skin 
  • Rashes 
  • Lumps/bumps 
  • Excessive licking, scratching, or itching  
  • Hair loss 

How do you treat skin conditions? 

We’ll recommend treatments based on your pet’s specific skin condition. For example, if your pet has dry, excessively itchy skin caused by environmental irritants, we’ll recommend topical treatments as well as limiting your pet’s exposure to triggers. If your pet has lumps or rashes from a parasite bite, we’ll treat the infection and administer a preventive that will reduce the risk of future infections. Trying to treat skin conditions on your own isn’t recommended unless you’ve already consulted with our veterinary team. Some skin issues can be symptoms of more complicated health conditions that can’t be cured without proper medical support. If you need help treating your pet’s skin condition, please contact us at 604-427-2744.

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