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Arthritis Services for Pets

Our treatment plans can ease the effects of arthritis in your pet.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis in pets, often affecting them as they enter their golden years. Over the years, medical advancements have created more treatment options for this incurable disease. Senior pets should be regularly checked for early signs of arthritis so we can support them with treatment.

Does my pet have osteoarthritis?

Before diagnosing your pet, our veterinary team will discuss potential signs of osteoarthritis that you may not recognize. During our evaluation of your pet’s condition, we’ll perform a complete physical examination and diagnostic testing like X-rays to determine if your pet has osteoarthritis. Possible signs of the disease include: 

  • Difficulty climbing up or down stairs
  • Running at a slower pace 
  • Decreased activity level 
  • Gaining weight 
  • Changes in behaviour 

Can osteoarthritis be cured? 

Though the disease is incurable, various treatment options are available to ensure your pet maintains a good quality of life. This disease targets your pet’s cartilage, which acts as protective cushioning for their joints. If left untreated, the deterioration of the cartilage can create pain, inflammation, and mobility issues for your pet. This condition is most likely to affect your pet’s limbs and spines. 

Which treatment is best for my pet? 

Based on your pet’s specific diagnosis, our veterinary team will tailor a treatment plan to target their disease. Your vet may recommend a combination of non-inflammatory medication, weight management, joint supplements, or physiotherapy. When the condition is diagnosed early, we can support your pet with strategies that boost their well-being. To learn more about treatment options for your pet, please contact us at 604-427-2744.

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