Valentine’s Safety For Pets

Ahhhh Valentine's romance. The glow from a candle, soft music in the background, a delicious meal and as you look deeply in to the eyes of the one you love…. you have to stop and rush your pet to Emergency. Not exactly the way you were hoping the evening would go, is it? So let us help keep your pet safe so romance is all you have to worry about.

Here are our top safety tips for your pet, aka. your real true love (don’t worry, we won’t tell your significant other that your pet is the favorite): 

Candle-Lit Dinner: it is romantic, but make sure you never leave burning candles unattended around pets. They can accidently knock them over and start a fire…. giving a whole new meaning to ‘hot date’!

Not Just Chocolate: most people know that chocolate is toxic for pets, but don’t forget other foods like macadamia nuts, raisins, grapes and coffee beans are also toxic. Keep these Valentine’s treats some place safe.

Sugar-Free / Reduced Sugar Foods: Xylitol is a sweetener derived from wood fiber that is becoming increasingly popular in candies, treats and even peanut butter. While it is fine for people, it is toxic to pets so be very careful and read labels.

Beautiful Flowers: unfortunately many popular flower bouquets such as lilies, carnations and roses can be toxic to pets when ingested.  Also, be careful that they don’t treat the vase water as a new water dish as it can cause tummy upset.

Pretty Packages: gifts wrapped in glittery paper and fancy bows are the hallmark of a great Valentine’s gift, but they can look tasty to a pet. Cats especially love ribbons and you don’t want to have a dangerous obstruction leading to emergency surgery.

Valentines Bevvies: Thinking of creating a fancy drink for you and your loved one? Those appetizing creations can look tasty to pets too and even a little bit of alcohol can cause a lot of harm to pets. 

…and our final tip:

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE A PET AS A SURPRISE GIFT. Pets are a life-long commitment and having to return/surrender a pet you hadn’t planned on is anything but romantic. Still want the cute and cuddly factor but not ready for the commitment? Get them a stuffed animal.   

Stay safe everyone and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

The Mountain View Vet Team

Trupanion Pet Insurance: 2020 Valentine’s Safety Tips
ASPCA: Valentines Day Safety Tips

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